This page contains all the pictures of the vehicle as it progresses through its restoration. It will also contain pictures of any of the Events that we attend during the year.

There are also albums that will show case any of the items that are provided by our kind sponsors.

  • The Base Car

  • Powder Coating Bodyshell

    • Test Bonnet

    • Re-Spray

    • Back from Auto Body Tec

    • Stripping – Exterior

    • Stripping – Interior

      • Stripping – Engine Bay

      • Stripping – Front Subframe

      • Stripping – Rear Subframe

      • Stripping – Engine

      • Panel Work – Rear Panels

      • Panel Work – Boot Floor

      • Panel Work – Floors

      • Panel Work – Door Steps + Doors

      • Panel Work – Randoms

      • Panel Work – Inner Wings

      • Panel Work – Front Panel

      • Panel Work – Bulkhead

      • Car Cradle

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