Mini for Heroes – What is it all about?

Well, in a nutshell Mini for Heroes is a project to completely renovate a Classic Mini into a Help for Heroes fundraising machine.

We started with a rusty old banger that was saved from the crusher at a scrapyard in Manchester. This is being completly stripped and re-built in full Help for Heroes colours. Not just a re-spray, this has been taken back to bare metal and designed inside and out in Help for Heroes colors.

Once we have finished the re-build we will be transporting it around the country to shows and events, representing Help for Heroes in their fundraising events when needed. We will also be allowing people request for it to appear at events of their choice. This may however be suject to an agreed donation to Help for Heroes and the availability of the car and myself.

The mini will be transported in a matching covered car trailer that has been donated by Barwell Trailers, this trailer is brand new and will be vinyl wrapped in the same livery as the car.

After spending a few years trying to raise the profile of the project we will auction the car and the trailer as a combination with all proceeds going to Help for Heroes.

We will be selling our own merchandise, with 100% of the proft from this going to Help for Heroes.

Hopefully this journey and with the help provided by our sponsors this project will raise plenty of much needed funds for Help for Heroes.

P.S. To answer the much asked question ‘What do I get out of this?’. I get the following:

  • A near fully depleted bank account.
  • My spare time removed and issued to the garage.
  • The job of taking the finished car around the country most weekends at my own time and expense.
  • The job of organising merchandise, flyers, promotion and update of websites and social media.
  • The endless spreadsheets tracking money in and out of the project.
  • But above all, the joy of raising money for such a worthwhile cause and the pride in being able to help our Heroes.
  • That is all.
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