AeroGraffiti are Airbrush artists based in Southampton. They provide bespoke artwork, special effects and artwork design.

AeroGraffiti were Mini for Heroes first sponsors. They were the people I called when I first had the idea for this project. I wanted to know how much the sort of ideas I had would cost and whether my idea was financially possible.

AeroGraffiti’s response? “Help for Heroes? We’ll paint it for free!!!!”

This response set me on the road to where we are now, had their response been different I may never had started this project. They made me realise that there are people/companies out there who are willing to help out and make such a project a reality.

Their work? Words do not come close to the quality and sheer brilliance that they can provide. I expected the work to be amazing, but I was gobsmacked when I first got to see the quality and detail of the artwork.

Go to the gallery page to have a look at the artwork, but even then, pictures cannot do justice to the finish and detail that has been carried out.

To answer the same question that I keep getting asked, “No, they are not stickers, vinyl, printed or anything else. That is airbrush art at its finest!!!”

Use the link to visit their website and check out what they could do for you.

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