Auto Body Tec

Auto Body Tec are a modern car body repair centre in Saniacre, Nottingham. With 34 years experience in the Prestige Car business, their quality and approach to car body repair is second to none.

Auto Body Tec first agreed to just re-spray the car in the Help for Heores colour scheme that you see the car in now. But, with the way the project took shape they were called on to do more than a simple respray of the car.

The list of work that they carried out is as follows:

1. Identify and mix the paint to the exact colours required for the car in pearlecent paint
2. Prep, prime and paint a fibreglass bonnet as a test peive for the paint and airbrushing.
3. Lacquer the Airbrushed bonnet and polish to a perfect finish.
4. Refinish the shell of the car after all the welding and powder coating had been finished, this was a larger job than first thought but they proceeded to do an unbelievable job.
5. Seam seal all the panel joins throughout the whole of the shell.
6. Prime the whole shell and all attaching parts, doors, boot, bonnet, arches, hinges ect.
7. Paint and protect the entire underside of the car.
8. Paint the shell and parts in the correct colour scheme, which was quite a job. Right side dark blue, left side light blue, centre stripe red, inside of doors in light blue, inside car light blue, engine bay gloss black, underside of bonnet gloss black, inside of boot gloss black and inside of boot door gloss black.
9. Lacquer the shell and prep it for transportation to the airbrushing artist.
10. Receive the car back and lacquer and polish the whole car and parts.
11. Shultz and wax-oil every part of the car that required the treatment.
12. Final lacquer and polish.
13. Protective waxing throughout.

As you can see, this is a substantial amount of work that was carried out.

The finished product is nothing short of breathtaking, every line, curve and and paint seam is perfection.

All at Auto Body Tec seemed to enjoy the project and seeing the finished article, their customer service is better than you will recieve anywhere else. Their passion for the work they carryout can be seen in every conversation you have with them.

They seek perfection in their work and they attain that perfection in every product that leaves their workshop.

Auto Body Tec carried out all this work on the car for the project and only asked that I cover the cost of the materials used. 180 hours of labour costs were deleted from the bill as their donation to this cause. A fabulous firm with huge hearts and attitude that matches the best in the business.

Please have a look at their website using the link provided and consider them for any work that you need doing, they are worth giving a call.

Thanks Lads

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