Bias 2

Bias 2 are a UK based design consultancy that work and have worked for some of the most recognised companies in the world.

Some of the companies are well know to all car enthusiasts, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Lamborghini. Also some non-motor companies, Coca-Cola, Lego, Jack Daniels.

Bias 2 are responsible for the Mini Logo that you see at the top of this page and just about everywhere you see us, you see the logo. Terry Gander from Bias 2 has been inspirational with the design of the car.

I initially approached him to do a drawing of our car for our logo. Terry wasn’t that impressed with my design for the car and set about putting some ideas of his own together.

With Terry being a designer, they were far better than my ideas and under the guidance of Terry the design for the car was put into place.

Terry did all this work for free and says he thoroughly enjoyed putting it together, if it wasn’t for Terry the design of the car would be a lot different (and a lot worse).

Terry is also currently working on a second logo for us, he is putting together the Mini for Heroes trailer design. This design will be vinyl wrapped onto the trailer donated by Barwell Trailer and will form part of the Mini for Heroes set-up.

Have a look at some of the work that Bias 2 have done by visiting their website using the link.

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