British Motor Heritage (as I am sure most of you are aware) are manufacturers of original parts and panels for the Classic Mini (among other vehicles).

BMH have been key in the progression of this project through their amazing generosity.

When I started the car I first stripped it down and had it acid dipped to assess the amount of work that was required. The news was not so good, most of the panels were in a bad state of repair. As this was to be an example of what is best about H4H and our forces it was decided that repairing panels was just not fair. Our forces don’t do things by halves, so why should I. Having made the list of parts I quickly realised that this stage of the build was giong to cost many thousands of pounds in panels.

I spoke to BMH to see if they were interested in donating a couple of panels to get me stared on the project. They went away to discuss it and returned to me saying all the panels need were in a box and where should we deliver them to.

This was an amazing act of generosity, if it wasn’t for this kind donation the Mini would not be where it is today and would still be in the stage of panel replacement.

BMH have been great throughout the project and are helping me with advertising the car in every way they can.

Check out their website using the link.

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