CAI Gauges

Caerbont Automotive Instruments Ltd (CAI) is an independent company in South Wales engaged in the design and manufacture of discrete car instruments, instrument clusters, senders, electronic control and interface modules and wiring harnesses for the specialist automotive and industrial markets.

CAI hold the licence and tooling for the manufacure of the famous ‘Smiths’ gauges.

CAI have very generously offered to make some one-off custom ‘Smiths’ gauges for the project. They have kindly agreed to provide six gauges for the car in a colour scheme to match the interior of the car.

This is an amazing donation and it is little things like this that will set this car away from the rest.

CAI also make a multitude of different gauges for all differing kinds of uses, be it classic car or motorsport, CAI have the gauges.

Check out their website using the link.

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