D&S Precision Coatings

D&S Precision Coatings are a high quality coatings company that work to very high standards for both the classic car enthusiast and for the aerospace industry. They can apply a variety of different coatings from wet spraying, powder coating to chromating.

D&S have very kindly offered to powder coat all the items that require treatment to ensure the car lasts for along time. They are applying it to the subframes, many suspension parts and various other components along the way.

We are using them quite extensively and for a variety of different parts due to the different finishes they can provide for us. Matt powder for the subframes which is near indestructable to high gloss powder finish for interior items that need to look sparkling.

If you need some items refurbishing and want a top class job and brilliant advice on which coating are best for your project, give them a call.

Check out the services they offer by visiting their website using the link.

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