TPS Weldtech

TPS Weldtech provide top class services to the welding and cutting world. They provide Sales, Hires, Servicing and Training for a huge range of products.

TPS Weldtech was one of Mini for Heroes first sponsors, they agreed to provide a welder for the Mini for Heroes project. They did this in probably the most dramatic fashion I could think of.

Having agreed to loan me a welder for the duration of the project, imagine my delight when they called me to say that they have sorted the welder and also thrown in a plasma cutter for good measure. Even better, they have had them painted and airbrushed in Help for Heroes colours and logos. Amazing, take a look in the gallery for pictures of these two items.

TPS Weldtech did all of this and more. They then raffled the Welder and Plasma Cutter at an event they were attending at the NEC Birmingham. This raised a large sum of money for Help for Heroes and made two individuals very happy as they recieve the Help for Heroes Welder/Plasma Cutter all to themselves.

Have a look at their website using the link to see all the services that they provide.

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