H&S Blasting

H&S Blasting are a Bedford based mobile Soda/Grit blasting company. They offer a great range of services like Automotive, Marine and Domestic blasting.

H&S Blasting have helped out Mini for Heroes by discounting heavily the cost of Soda and Media balasting the shell of the car ready for powder coating. They are also grit blasting the parts of the car that we are refurbishing e.g. Sub-Frames, Suspension parts, Fuel Tank and Steering Column. Plus many more items as and when we go along.

The enthusiasm shown by H&S Blasting has been superb, from the moment I contacted them they were eager to help in any way possible. They always available at short notice when I need help and deliver brilliant results with a very quick turn-around time.

Check out the gallery page of this website to see the work that they have done on our project.

If you are a car enthusiast and need a shell soda/media blasting, give them a call, no need to transport your shell to them, they will come to you and carry out the work.

Click on the link to visit their website and see the range of services they provide.

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